How to Adopt a Puppy

If we currently don't have a Litter


  If you want to be on our waiting list, please message us with your contact info and we will let you know when we have a litter born. We Don't accept deposits on puppies until they are at least 3 days old. We see the vet at 3 days old, and want to make sure they are healthy before we get a deposit on the puppy. The deposit is non-refundable and due within 24 hours of puppy choice. If deposit is not received with in 24 hours, the puppy will be considered available for the next interested party. Once you have placed a deposit for a puppy, we will send updated pictures every Friday. We like to keep in touch with each owner so they can see how much their puppy grows each week. 



If we have a available Litter

 You are also welcome to come visit and let the puppy choose you. We encourage new parents to come as meet the puppies when at all possible. We love meeting where our babies are going, and learning more about your family. If you see that we have a litter available, your welcome to call us and set up an appointment to come and visit. You can contact us through our web page, or call us at 661-236-7579. We will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours. If a visit is not possible, just let me know, I can also send you pictures of who is available and we can make arrangements via e-mail or phone.

Once you have decided to give one of our babies a forever home, we do require a deposit to Hold your puppy until they are 8 weeks of age. The deposit can be cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or cash app. Please note that Deposits are non-refundable. The balance would be due when you come to pick up your puppy. The balance at pick up must be cash.  

Our puppies are sold as pets only. We don't register the litter unless someone is going to be showing thier dog or doing agility tests. Please let us know in advance if this is what you are planning on doing so we can apply for the correct paperwork for you.  Any shipping charges would be in addition to this cost. We do have a flight nanny that we can give you info on. She doesn't work for us, she is independent contractor, but we would be happy to pass on her info if your looking for a delivery service for your puppy. 


 Travel arrangements can be set up. Flights will have to be checked due to covid-19.  I will schedule a flight on Delta, United or American, get the health papers, and airline crate.  I  will try to set up the flight that will work for both of us.  The cost for this is depending on current airfare prices. We don't deliver puppies, so you would need to arrange pick up or Travel arrangements. We are not responsible for the puppy once it is dropped off a the airport for its flight. We provide the best care for the puppy before they leave us, and we also get them certified by a vet before they fly out, but new owner will take all responsibility once puppy is left with the airline. 

If your picking up your puppy, we will make arrangements for the time and day to pick up your new baby. If after 9 weeks you can't pick up your puppy, we can either hold puppy for a $30 day kennel fee, or you will forfeit your deposit and your puppy will be available to the next family on our waiting list. 


 Puppies will come with their parents pedigree papers, Shot records and a small bag of royal canin Food. We feed our puppies Royal Canin breeder formula. It is specially formulated to provide the puppies with all the vitamins and nutrients they need during the first 8 weeks. This is very important for the puppies brain and body development. 

We offer a one year guarantee against major health problems that they are born with. We do give a puppy contract that explains in detail. We are not responsible for any puppy that was not feed a proper diet or was injured. 

If for ANY reason you can no longer care for your dog, please let me know. Our doors are always open to take any dog back. We will help find the Dog a new suitable home. I have people contacting me all the time looking for older Oes dogs, and I am confident that I can locate a new loving home for any one of our dogs. We do keep them with us first to make sure they are healthy and suitable for a new home.